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Click Analysis is a Perth based Online Marketing Consultancy. Click Analysis is owned and operated by a Perth based Freelance Online Marketing professional who has extensive experience in a range of marketing services. Owned and operated by Susan McCarthy I pride myself in providing a personal approach and offering a wide variety of services to a range of businesses needing assistance with all aspects of marketing. My mission is to offer affordable marketing to businesses who need a personal approach. I cover a wide range of services including Web Development, SEO, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Social Media, Email Marketing etc. Get in touch for a chat about your marketing needs.

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Quick Online Marketing Guide for Beginners - Click Analysis Perth


Online marketing, It's something you might have heard in passing or read somewhere on the Internet. And now that you are trying to grow your small business, one of your friends or a professional consultant has recommended the use of online marketing. But, you have no idea what online marketing is exactly. We're here to help! Here's a quick overview of online marketing to get you started.


What is online marketing?


Online marketing is a complex process involving techniques that any business can use to market, promote and advertise their business online. It can and may include strategies directed towards increasing their audience and growing their potential leads.


What are the different categories of online marketing?


There are different categories or techniques you can use in online marketing. They are:


     Content Marketing

     Social Media Marketing (SMM)

     Email Marketing

     Affiliate Marketing

     Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

     Pay-per-click Marketing (PPC)


Where should I start?


It doesn’t begin with any of these strategies. It begins from your customers. Knowing your customers is where you should focus your efforts on. It’s not enough to know that they are housewives or babies. You also need to know where they are located and what kind of interests they have. Familiarizing yourself with your intended customers will help you in creating a plan that will specifically target them.


Why do I have to build a plan?


Any marketing effort should start with a plan. The same goes for online marketing. Creating a comprehensive online marketing plan will keep you in line with everything that you want to accomplish for your business, online marketing wise and to ensure you are headed to the right direction. Your online marketing plan will also help keep your brand consistent across the Internet no matter which platform they use.


What’s a brand?


A brand is your business’s identifying mark. It’s how you want your business to be recognized and remembered. It’s no different to how a brand is thought of in marketing, actually.


How do I connect with my audience online?


Thanks to social media, connecting to people has never been this easy! Although there is still a proper way of interacting with people especially on social media, it’s safe to say that the popularity of these platforms has given businesses leverage when it comes to putting themselves out there and getting noticed. But there’s more! There are other ways to reach your customers which almost all categories of online marketing does, really. You just have to choose which ones you would like to try out first and prioritize.


What if I can’t do it on my own?


Easy peasy! Get help! Managing a small business is not easy, we’re quite sure your hands are already full. Thus, if you really want to step ahead and delve into online marketing there are a lot of agencies you can check out. Like us! If you think you need help in any category of online marketing, just give us a call and we’ll help you out.


Ready to get started with online marketing? We’d love to know your thoughts. Share or comment below.

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Click Analysis - Online Marketing Consultant
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